The Reasons Why You Ought to Try LDS Dip Powder Color

Having long and beautiful nails is every woman’s dream. However, nails are easily damaged due to housework or nail biting habits, having perfectly beautiful nails has become a distant dream. Therefore, many new trends and technologies in the nail industry were born. Dip nails is also a trend that is developing in the US and all around the world, so, LDS has launched LDS dip powder color.

Features of LDS Dip Powder Color Product Line

LDS dip nails are increasingly popular not only because of the results it brings to consumers but also because of its quality. If you do not know, LDS is one of the companies that specializes in providing nail polish, dip powder, powder and accessories in the nail industry that are trusted throughout the United States today. Although the establishment history is not long, but with good quality and reasonable price, the products of LDS in general and LDS dip powder color in particular are proud to be made in the USA and have brought customers really interesting experiences and LDS has received lots of positive feedback from consumers. These things have brought loyal customers and prestige to LDS.

LDS dip powder color contains Vitamin E and Calcium to help keep nails healthy, not broken or getting yellow. This kind of dipping powder has no smell, does not contain liquid, or primer, so it does not affect the health of nail technicians and customers.

Nail set, which uses LDS dip powder color will be very strong, beautiful and it can absolutely last up to nearly 1 month. The time to complete a set of nails with LDS dip powder color is also very fast, only taking about 30 minutes.

Why Are Dip Nails Becoming More and More Popular with Girls?

With traditional nail products and technologies, there are many errors, revealing many disadvantages such as easy fading, color does not last long, especially affecting the health of customers. Customers often report that their nails are not strong, nails are yellow or nails are thinner after many manicures.

When making traditional powder and gel nails for customers, nail technicians also have to endure the smell of harmful chemicals such as the smell of acrylic water (monomer) or primer (substance that helps the level of powder adhere to the nail body and many other chemicals that can greatly affect the health of nail technicians and customers.

So Why You Ought to Try LDS Dip Powder Color

LDS dip powder color is an extremely fine powder with fast coloring, bright color. Each set of LDS dip nails can keep color for a long time. If other dipping powders have to be dipped many times to color, LDS dip powder color only needs to be dipped 1 to 2 times to get a beautiful color.

Color is always a strong point of LDS dipping powder when the colors of these dipping powder products are very beautiful, along with the number of colors in the collection with more than 108 different colors. You can easily choose the colors that suit your style and personality.

LDS dip powder color is easy to use and friendly to all customers. It doesn’t stick to the customer’s fingernails, so when you’re done, just gently brush it off with a light brush. When performing the steps of dipping or removing the powder, it is also very fast, only 5 to 10 minutes. Customers will not spend a lot of time waiting for the nails to be completed and removed.

The 1.5oz/43g bottle of LDS stimulant dip powder, with the volume of powder in the jar, allows consumers to use it for a long period of time. It is manufactured according to modern and advanced MADE IN USA technology lines.

LDS dip powder color has a light fragrance, it does not contain harmful chemicals that do not adversely affect the health of nail technicians and customers when using it. LDS products put health and safety on the top priority, LDS not only wants to meet the all beauty needs of every customer but also wants to become a companion with customers in each process to own luxurious, unique nails.

Final Thought

With the LDS dip powder color product line, you can be assured of the quality and enjoy the wonderful experience because its price is very affordable. In addition, LDS dip nails are highly appreciated by the Nails community. Currently, this kind of product has been widely distributed throughout the United States. What are you waiting for without quickly owning this quality product? We ensure that it won’t let you down.