Precautions to Take When Using Nail Dip Powder

Having a nail manicure is beautiful because nail polish enhances your overall looks and makes you feel attractive. While there are different nail manicure procedures, dip powder is the most preferred by people globally. The primary reason is that people are reluctant to expose their nails to UV radiation. Gel manicures require consistently curing the nail under the UV lamp to achieve the desired finish. Continuous exposure to UV radiation can cause cancer. On the other hand, nail dip powder manicures do not require curing, and the finish is as good as gel nails. However, dipping powder has its set of problems that people should know and take precautions accordingly.

Precautions to Take When Using Nail Dip Powder

Precautions to Take When Using Nail Dip Powder

Dipping Powder Basecoat Contains Krazy Glue

Dipping powder manicure is a dry job. Hence, you need something for the powder to stick to the nails. Therefore, salons globally use a specific basecoat application on the nails before applying the dipping powder. This basecoat sticks to the nail, and the nail dip powder sticks to the basecoat subsequently.

The basecoat application used in a dipping powder manicure contains a specific compound known as “cyanoacrylates.” This compound is also known as “Krazy Glue” because it was used for suturing war wounds in the olden days.

Krazy glue can be harmful to your nails and skin, especially for allergic people. Therefore, you should exercise care when using the basecoat application. It is better not to have more than a single application of basecoat. That should suffice for the nail powder dip to stick to the nail surface.

Be Careful of MMA

Many cheap salons use Methyl Methacrylate, also known as MMA. MMA is harmful to your nails as it is generally used as plastic in hip replacement surgeries. This chemical compound is not suited for your nails. You can identify whether your nail salon uses MMA or not. If you experience a strong acrylic smell entering the salon, they use MMA. Instead, you can check the contents and ask the salon technicians to use EMA, ethyl methacrylate. It is a better solution than MMA.

Dipping Your Fingernails into the Dip Powder Bottle Is Not Advisable

Usually, you find salon technicians dipping your fingernails into the dip powder bottle. It ensures that the dip powder spreads over your nails comfortably. However, there are issues with this procedure. This procedure can spread diseases, especially viruses like herpes whitlow.

Herpes whitlow is a contagious disease that can spread easily from one person to another. Now, you do not know who has dipped their fingernails into the nail dip powder bottle before you. Maybe, that person might have the disease and spread it to you. So, you have to be very careful, especially if you have any cuts or open wounds on your fingers.

The best alternative is to carry your dipping powder to the salon. Alternatively, you can ask the salon technician to sprinkle the dip powder on your nails. Besides, it is always better to use a new bottle. In that case, you can be sure that you are the first person to use the dip powder. Moreover, it can prevent you from contracting dangerous diseases.

The Dipping Powder Removal Procedure Uses Acetone

Nail polish users know that it can be difficult for them to avoid exposure to acetone in any way. Nail polish removal solutions contain acetone. The removal process requires continuous exposure to acetone for more than 20 minutes. Soaking your fingernails in acetone for extended periods can cause dehydration of the nails and the skin. Hence, your nails can become brittle.

Is there an alternative to acetone? Though acetone is the best nail polish removal solution, there are a couple of alternatives. However, those alternatives are not as effective as using acetone. So, what is the way out?

We can say that using acetone for removal is invariable and unavoidable if you need a perfect job. However, you can take adequate precautions to ensure that the dehydration does not affect your nail’s health. One way of doing it is to give the nail a gap of around a week to replenish itself. Meanwhile, you can drink lots of fluids to hasten the replenishment. You can also use cuticle oil and massage your nails gently. It helps replenish the moisture content on your nails and nourishes it back to health quickly.

Final Words

A dip powder color manicure is the best thing you can do for your nails to look beautiful. First, however, you should know the challenges of using dip powder. If you take the necessary precautions, there should be no issue in using dip powder and getting the best manicure in town. Besides, one should also maintain absolute cleanliness when using dipping powder, especially when visiting cheap salons. Alternatively, have the procedure done in the safety of your home.