OPI Gel Nail Color Kit for Beginners

DIY gel nails are fantastic, easy to apply, look shinier than acrylics and powder nails, the icing on the cake, they last longer if applied carefully and removed properly. If you haven’t tried gel nail colors before, try OPI gel color kit now and you’ll regret not doing gel nails before.

However, if you’re new to gel polish, you might face some issues and conclude that they are not working for you. Gel polish application and removal can be difficult, but it’s not impossible to master this technique.

Don’t fret if you haven’t tried gel nail colors before. We’re here to save your back.

Scroll down to learn how you can do a gel nail manicure on the premise of your home.

There you go:

An ultimate guide to do gel nail colors at home

Following are some helpful tips that will assist you to apply gel nail colors, without any fuss and hassle:

Cleaning the nails

If you frequently do nail polishing, you must by now have known the importance of cleaning nails before applying nail color. Gel colors are not different as far as cleaning the nails is concerned. Gel polish will not stick properly unless the nails are clean and dry.

You should use a cotton swab soaked with alcohol to remove the debris around the edges and cuticles if you want gel polish to stick on your nails rather than on debris.

Stir gel polish as much as possible

By shaking any nail polish, you mix up all the contents of nail polish. Gel nail colors also require vigorous shaking to have a smooth and even application. The more you shake or roll a gel color, the better and smoother it would be for applying.

You might have seen a nail technician using a paint shaker to shake the gel nail polish. But since we’re talking about doing gel nail colors at home, you must shake a gel nail color with your hands. Do remember that it’s for gel nail color, not for top and base coat.

Wrap the cuticles

Warp the cuticles and skin around your nails properly to avoid applying gel nail polish there. You can use Aquaphor or a lotion for this purpose. By doing this, it is easy to wipe off excess gel nail colors once you’re done with a gel manicure.

Apply short and thin strokes

Now once your nails are prepped, cleaned, and the cuticles covered properly, the main application comes, i.e., applying your favorite gel nail color.

It’s highly recommended to apply short and thin strokes to get an even application. Gel nail polish contains a different formula and may spool if you try to apply a thick coat.

So if you want to save disaster, go for short strokes and be mindful to use a thin coat.

Once, you’ve done the first coat, it becomes pretty easier to repeat the process until you get the desired results.

Don’t forget to apply gel nail color on the free edges of your nails to cap nails properly.

Remove excessive gel nail polish, if there’s any

Before you start curing your gel manicure under a UV lamp or LED, it’s necessary to wipe off excess gel nail colors around your nails and cuticles.

Use a small brush dubbed into alcohol to wipe off gel polish around your skin and cuticles.


Now comes the crucial part, curing the gel nails under the right-sized UV lamp. Many gel nail colors brands offer you a complete gel nail color kit including a UV lamp too.

My personal favorite is the OPI gel nail color kit that includes everything I need for applying gel nail colors at home. You can buy OPI gel colors from a superstore.

Or if you’re an online shopper, go on its website and make an online purchase. No matter what color you want, OPI gel nail colors offer you a wide array of gel nail hues that you would love to try.

Seal the look by using a top-coat

After curing the gel manicure under a UV lamp, apply the topcoat to seal the look. Make sure to apply the top coat on the gel nail color properly to get long-lasting results.

Removal of gel nail colors

Removing gel nail colors is the trickiest part of a gel manicure. Most beginners won’t try gel nail colors considering its removal a hard nut to crack. And this is true to an extent if you don’t follow proper removal techniques.

So, make sure that you know how to remove gel nail colors to avoid wear and tear on your nails. Try to keep your nails hydrated as much as you can to make your nails stronger from within.


OPI gel color is alluring and when you go for a lovely gel manicure, you’re standing yourself apart from the crowd. Therefore, don’t hesitate and create an iconic gel nail treatment, all by yourself.