You Can Be Everyone’s Valentine with These Nail Designs Using Nail Dipping Powder

As nail art becomes popular, it has also become a way of expressing one’s self and personality. It has also become a medium to which people show their feelings and emotions. Several nail art design are now inspired from special occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and many others. Use these nail ideas to express your love on Valentine’s Day or for any day for that matter.

Nail Dipping Powder

  1. French Ombre with Heart Accent Nails

This design features a very lively ombre with two accent nails. Each nails has a delicate heart shape that meets in the center. You can either use glitz or gems to accentuate the look but even without it, your nails will look just as stunning.

  1. Ombre and Pink Nails

Red is not the only color that represents love, pink do too. It is subtle yet very expressive color. To achieve this nails, paint the 4 nails with French ombre with a bright pink accent nail. It can be achieved by using LDS D06 I’m Blushing for you or if you want something brighter, there are other shades too. There are also gems added too. You can recreate the whole look or try a pink accent nail without the gems. Either way, you will have a gorgeous manicure that is bold and stylish.

  1. Purple Nails with Pink Glitters

Give a plain purple nails an eye-catching makeover with pink glitters or shining crystals. First apply a coat of solid LDS D164 We Could Runaway to your nails. Make sure the color is saturated and shining. With your ring fingernail, apply a twinkly pink glitter using LDS D155 I Wear Love and If you want your nails to stand out this Valentine’s day, finish by gluing on a variety of beautiful crystals.

  1. Love Is All We Need

Aside from hearts, nothing expresses Valentine’s Day better than the use of the word “Love”. You’re your nails with the color of your choice and free-hand the word LOVE on top to let the whole world know how important love is. After all, Love is all we need.

  1. Glitter Nails with Ombre Style

These popular nails have a whimsical finish that brings glamour to any outfit especially on Heart’s Day.  The LDS D06 I’m Blushing for you is overlaid with LDS D155 I Wear Love in an ombre style. This is a long nail design that would be pretty for anyone. Try it in a different pastel color like LDS D164 We Could Runaway to match or contrast with your outfit. Try wearing these nails for any fun special Valentine’s Day outfit. Match your toenails for a stunning effect.

  1. Pale Pastel Nail Polish Idea with Glitz Accents

This simple nail design idea uses three nail colors: a pale peachy pink (LDS D06 I’m Blushing for you), a light lavender (LDS D155 I Wear Love) , and a gorgeous shiny violet. The DS D164 We Could Runaway is so bright, it makes the smallest nails the highlight of the entire look. You don’t need nail art if you combine your nail color this nicely.