How to Remove DND DC Gel Polish Without Using Acetone

A beautifully-done gel polish manicure enhances your overall beauty to an entirely different level. It adds grace and charm to your nails, enabling you to show it off on your social media handles and earn wholesome praise from your friends and loved ones. DND nails’ crucial aspect is that the use of quality products like DND DC gel polish duo makes the manicure last for more than two to three weeks. As the nail grows naturally, you have to remove the nail polish layer and apply a fresh one. The general practice is using acetone or nail polish removers containing acetone.

Removing nail polish using acetone should not be an issue. Every girl who has used this procedure to remove nail polish knows how to do it. However, there can be occasions when the nail polish might lift off prematurely, and you might not have access to acetone or nail polish removers. Under such circumstances, it is better if you know how to remove DND DC without using acetone.

At the outset, we do not recommend removing nail polish without acetone. However, here is a simple technique that you can employ in an emergency.

Before we start explaining the procedure, let us discuss why you should not ignore the lifted nail polish. As the nail polish layer lifts over your nail bed, it leaves a gap between the two. It allows water and dirt to accumulate and cause bacterial and fungal infections. It is a health hazard that you can avoid by learning how to remove nail polish.

Can you tear your nail layers off and get the job done? The answer is an emphatic NO. The lifting of the polish might be at the edges. The other areas would still be sticking to the nail. Tearing it off abruptly could result in chipping of the nail. It can lead to more problems.

Remove DND DC Gel Polish Without Using Acetone

You should look for the loose ends where you can use your fingernail to lift a small part of the nail polish layer. Place your hand under running water from a faucet while using your fingernail to push the DND DC gel colors off the nail. We emphasize the word ‘gently’ because using harsh methods can damage your nail. It will take six months for a repair job.

An alternative to water is the use of cuticle oil. It is better to cover the entire nail with cuticle oil. Besides, the fingernail used to lift the polish layer should also be dipped in cuticle oil. A suitable alternative is to use an orangewood stick or a sterile toothpick.

The secret to removing the polish layer from your DND nails in this fashion is to have lots of patience. It will take some time for you to push the entire layer off the nail surface. You can remove a significant amount of nail polish in this way. If there is some residue left, you can use a sterilized nail buff to file off the gel polish residue gently.

Your nails could feel tender after you remove the DND DC layer abruptly in this manner. It is advisable to massage the nail using cuticle oil. You can also slather your hands with hand cream to ensure that the nails do not remain dehydrated.

At the earliest possible opportunity, you should buy some acetone and nail polish remover to remove the gel properly.

Having discussed how to remove gel polish without using acetone, let us now discuss how to do it the traditional way of using acetone.

Though acetone can dehydrate your nails, it is the best remedy to remove nail polish. The advantage is that nail polish dissolves in acetone and makes it easier to remove.

You can dip your fingernails in a bowl containing acetone solution and keep them submerged for nearly 20 minutes. However, this procedure entails the skin coming in contact with acetone. Therefore, your skin can also dehydrate.

The alternative is to dip cotton balls into the acetone solution and place them over the nail polish layer. You can use aluminum foils to bind the cotton balls and prevent them from falling off.

After about twenty-odd minutes, you can remove the foils and cotton balls to see the nail polish sliding off on its own. If it does not do so, you have to repeat the procedure until it slides off naturally.


We had reiterated that acetone is a dehydrating substance. Hence, your hands require moisturization treatment after the nail polish removal procedure. Ideally, cuticle oil is the best moisturizer you can find. It helps to nurse the tender nails back to health. It is advisable to have a gap of about a week between two successive DND daisy gel polish manicures to allow the nails to heal naturally.

So, the next time you find yourself in such a situation, you know how to deal with it.