The Best Nail Polish Set – Reviews 2021

2020 caused many nail salons to temporarily close, which gave rise to the ultimate trend of DIY manicures. That said, many women stocked up their nail polish set arsenals and started looking for the best nail polish sets to get the ultimate results and have the best manicure experience. When it comes to the perfect manicure, everyone wants their nails to pop, be glossy, and maintain the shine for a long time. By stocking up your nail polish arsenals, you will be naturally focusing on your favorite colors.

Many of us even have a signature color that they apply religiously and cannot let go of. When it comes to polish nail, you decide whether it is a timeless red or a moody blue. You could also be a lover of pastel colors and like dreamy violet pastel gel polish. The thing about nail polish is that there is a variety of nail polishes available in the markets and online stores. Some nail pains take more time to dry than others, whereas nail paints have a slightly complex application process and require proper curing with an LED light.

The bottom line is that with numerous options available, you might require a lifetime to find the perfect nail polish set that would make you and your nails happy! To make things easier for you, we have made a list of the best nail polish sets for 2021, which can also serve as an amazing addition to your nail polish collection. Read on to learn more!

The Best Nail Polish Set for 2021

Essie Nail Polish Set

Before you say anything, let us get one thing straight: the Queen of England and Meghan Markle have nail polish sets from this brand, which makes it stand out from other nail polish options. More than three decades have passed since Essie launched their nail polish sets, and since then, the brand has grown continuously. Today, Essie rocks nearly 1000 nail polish colors, out of which nearly 250 are permanent colors.

The entire color range of Essie nail polishes is extremely gorgeous and will make your manicure stand out from the crowd. Plus, you will feel elegant, special, and perfectly blend in with any nail shape and size. The best part is that the Essie nail colors will last you more than three weeks. However, it is recommended to use a top coat for a long-lasting, glossy, and shiny manicure.

Chanel Nail Polish Set

Chanel – a brand we all have heard about, but not all of us can afford it. However, Chanel’s nail polishes are quite affordable when it comes to the best gel polish. Trust us when we tell you that this nail polish set is quite affordable, and you can have the perfect manicure without breaking the bank.

Additionally, your nails will feel luxurious, pampered, rich, and essentially classic as you will be a solid part of the Chanel lifestyle. If you are looking for the best color options, we recommend that you go boldly classic with a red-wine manicure. Your manicure will be long-lasting and effortlessly chic and timeless.

OPI Gel Polish Set

If you are not a fan of acrylic nails, you might have heard about the OPI gel nail polish set before. You will have a wide variety of colors to choose from. Additionally, the OPI gel polish allows for easy application. Just make sure to include a base coat and a top coat if your goal is to make your manicure last for at least three to four weeks.

You will, however, need an LED/ UV light to cure the nails. Make sure to cure your nails after each application, including the base coat, the colored coat, and the top coat. During application, make sure to cap the edges of your nails if you want to avoid smudged and sticky nail paint.

The formula of the OPI gel polish is quite luxurious and has been trending to number one for the last few years. Usually, the OPI gel polish includes a thin brush for application which is perfect for all types of nail arts and manicures. Depending on which nail polish set you get, most of them include essential manicure tools and cuticle oil which keeps your nails moisturized. After your DIY manicure session, we recommend wrapping it up with a luxurious hand crème for the ultimate pampering effects.


With numerous nail polish options available in the markets, it can become a bit challenging to choose the nail polish that suits your needs and moods. We all want our manicures to be long-lasting and remain shiny and glossy for the longest time possible. If you like to change the nail polish colors often, make sure to remove the previous nail polish properly before changing colors. Make sure that your nail polish is of good quality to avoid chipped and brittle-free nails.