About Us

First and foremost, nail technicians demand an innovative, salon-only, professional-quality lacquer that celebrates their skills and takes their art to a whole new level. Venique was designed exclusively for nail professionals, and allows them to offer rich, proprietary shades that cover completely in just one coat. With a durable film that seals in its exquisite high-gloss coverage, Venique lacquers provide exceptional wear, standing up to daily assaults, resisting fading, and increasing the amount of time between manicures.

In addition, Venique’s unique ergonomic bottle makes it easy to give a perfect manicure every time. Its luxuriously heavy, custom design makes it supremely stable and comfortable to hold. A slightly flared cap allows for precision control. And premium, ultra-soft bristles contour to the nail for the smoothest possible application.

In short, Venique gives nail artists what they can’t get from any other lacquer.

Women use their hands to do…everything! So when a woman is asked what she desires in a nail polish, her answer inevitably includes beautiful, intense, long-lasting color; exceptional wear; brilliant shine; and shades and finishes guaranteed to boost confidence and attract attention.