Precautions to Take When Using Nail Dip Powder

Having a nail manicure is beautiful because nail polish enhances your overall looks and makes you feel attractive. While there are different nail manicure procedures, dip powder is the most preferred by people globally. The primary reason is that people are reluctant to expose their nails to UV radiation. Gel manicures require consistently curing the nail under the UV lamp to achieve the desired finish. Continuous exposure to UV radiation can cause cancer. On the other hand, nail dip powder manicures do not require curing, and the finish is as good as gel nails. However, dipping powder has its set of problems that people should know and take precautions accordingly.

Precautions to Take When Using Nail Dip Powder

Precautions to Take When Using Nail Dip Powder

Dipping Powder Basecoat Contains Krazy Glue

Dipping powder manicure is a dry job. Hence, you need something for the powder to stick to the nails. Therefore, salons globally use a specific basecoat application on the nails before applying the dipping powder. This basecoat sticks to the nail, and the nail dip powder sticks to the basecoat subsequently. (more…)

The Reasons Why You Ought to Try LDS Dip Powder Color

Having long and beautiful nails is every woman’s dream. However, nails are easily damaged due to housework or nail biting habits, having perfectly beautiful nails has become a distant dream. Therefore, many new trends and technologies in the nail industry were born. Dip nails is also a trend that is developing in the US and all around the world, so, LDS has launched LDS dip powder color.

Features of LDS Dip Powder Color Product Line

LDS dip nails are increasingly popular not only because of the results it brings to consumers but also because of its quality. If you do not know, LDS is one of the companies that specializes in providing nail polish, dip powder, powder and accessories in the nail industry that are trusted throughout the United States today. Although the establishment history is not long, but with good quality and reasonable price, the products of LDS in general and LDS dip powder color in particular are proud to be made in the USA and have brought customers really interesting experiences and LDS has received lots of positive feedback from consumers. These things have brought loyal customers and prestige to LDS.

LDS dip powder color contains Vitamin E and Calcium to help keep nails healthy, not broken or getting yellow. This kind of dipping powder has no smell, does not contain liquid, or primer, so it does not affect the health of nail technicians and customers.

Nail set, which uses LDS dip powder color will be very strong, beautiful and it can absolutely last up to nearly 1 month. The time to complete a set of nails with LDS dip powder color is also very fast, only taking about 30 minutes.


Get Rid of Dry Skin in Just a Few Days by Following These Simple Steps

Dry skin is one of the major problems faced by everyone nowadays. If not treated properly and taken care of, it can lead to permanent skin rupturing and other complicated skin disorders. If you are facing dry skin problems, you do not need to worry. Our experts have formulated following easy steps that you can adopt in order to gain back healthy and fresh skin. By following these steps not only will your skin get rid of dryness but it will also enhance the natural glow on your face. So let us start with some basics.

Reasons of overly dry skin

There are many reasons for overly dry skin. First of all, the pollution makes the skin dull and tight. Washing the skin with a good quality soap or face wash can remove the dirt but it leaves the skin dry. Furthermore, the number of products we use on a daily basis also worsen the case. This over exposure of products does not let the essential nutrients or moisture get absorbed. If you are an office going person, it will further deteriorate the situation. The sun exposure and pollution both act aggressively on your skin making it more dull and dry. All these factors combined form up an unhealthy and overly dry skin.

How much moisturization is compulsory?

Moisturizer is a very important element of skin care routine. It not only hydrates the skin and gives it a fresh glow but also provides nutrients, minerals and trace elements that are essential for skin to stay healthy. Applying moisturizer twice a day is compulsory. First in the morning after having a morning shower. And second, the night before sleeping. Experts suggest that you may apply more than twice whenever you feel your skin is dry but these two times are important. Using a high quality Korean moisturizer for dry skin, which you can easily find in the market, might prove very beneficial for all skin types. A lot of people have reviewed their extraordinary quality and benefits.


The Best Nail Polish Set – Reviews 2021

2020 caused many nail salons to temporarily close, which gave rise to the ultimate trend of DIY manicures. That said, many women stocked up their nail polish set arsenals and started looking for the best nail polish sets to get the ultimate results and have the best manicure experience. When it comes to the perfect manicure, everyone wants their nails to pop, be glossy, and maintain the shine for a long time. By stocking up your nail polish arsenals, you will be naturally focusing on your favorite colors.

Many of us even have a signature color that they apply religiously and cannot let go of. When it comes to polish nail, you decide whether it is a timeless red or a moody blue. You could also be a lover of pastel colors and like dreamy violet pastel gel polish. The thing about nail polish is that there is a variety of nail polishes available in the markets and online stores. Some nail pains take more time to dry than others, whereas nail paints have a slightly complex application process and require proper curing with an LED light.

The bottom line is that with numerous options available, you might require a lifetime to find the perfect nail polish set that would make you and your nails happy! To make things easier for you, we have made a list of the best nail polish sets for 2021, which can also serve as an amazing addition to your nail polish collection. Read on to learn more!

The Best Nail Polish Set for 2021

Essie Nail Polish Set

Before you say anything, let us get one thing straight: the Queen of England and Meghan Markle have nail polish sets from this brand, which makes it stand out from other nail polish options. More than three decades have passed since Essie launched their nail polish sets, and since then, the brand has grown continuously. Today, Essie rocks nearly 1000 nail polish colors, out of which nearly 250 are permanent colors.


OPI Gel Nail Color Kit for Beginners

DIY gel nails are fantastic, easy to apply, look shinier than acrylics and powder nails, the icing on the cake, they last longer if applied carefully and removed properly. If you haven’t tried gel nail colors before, try OPI gel color kit now and you’ll regret not doing gel nails before.

However, if you’re new to gel polish, you might face some issues and conclude that they are not working for you. Gel polish application and removal can be difficult, but it’s not impossible to master this technique.

Don’t fret if you haven’t tried gel nail colors before. We’re here to save your back.

Scroll down to learn how you can do a gel nail manicure on the premise of your home.

There you go:

An ultimate guide to do gel nail colors at home

Following are some helpful tips that will assist you to apply gel nail colors, without any fuss and hassle:


How to Remove DND DC Gel Polish Without Using Acetone

A beautifully-done gel polish manicure enhances your overall beauty to an entirely different level. It adds grace and charm to your nails, enabling you to show it off on your social media handles and earn wholesome praise from your friends and loved ones. DND nails’ crucial aspect is that the use of quality products like DND DC gel polish duo makes the manicure last for more than two to three weeks. As the nail grows naturally, you have to remove the nail polish layer and apply a fresh one. The general practice is using acetone or nail polish removers containing acetone.

Removing nail polish using acetone should not be an issue. Every girl who has used this procedure to remove nail polish knows how to do it. However, there can be occasions when the nail polish might lift off prematurely, and you might not have access to acetone or nail polish removers. Under such circumstances, it is better if you know how to remove DND DC without using acetone. (more…)

You Can Be Everyone’s Valentine with These Nail Designs Using Nail Dipping Powder

As nail art becomes popular, it has also become a way of expressing one’s self and personality. It has also become a medium to which people show their feelings and emotions. Several nail art design are now inspired from special occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and many others. Use these nail ideas to express your love on Valentine’s Day or for any day for that matter.

Nail Dipping Powder

  1. French Ombre with Heart Accent Nails

This design features a very lively ombre with two accent nails. Each nails has a delicate heart shape that meets in the center. You can either use glitz or gems to accentuate the look but even without it, your nails will look just as stunning.


How to Do SNS Nails at Home?

One of the newest forms of manicure involves the use of SNS nails. Everyone who loves manicure has that one friend who is always acquainted about the new trends in manicure. With such a friend, you always find a chance to get educated about the merits and demerits of each new trend that crops out. Of late, she has been talking about the SNS nails and how perfect they are. However, you first need to know what exactly SNS nails are before you even think about trying them.

What Are SNS Nails?

These abbreviations stand for signature nail system. SNS nails are mistaken for polish but it refers to powder rather than DND DC polish. It makes an exceptional manicure that unlike the usual kind of polishes, this one provides a perfect finish on the nails. This form of manicure has been gaining popularity all over the world and many people prefer it over many other methods. It is the choice of many people because of its easy application procedure that is followed by a durable, quality and long-lasting nail finish. The results are an elegant look that you can always boast about. It also does not easily chip from the nails and you can only be forced to remove when the regrowth invades the better part of the nails. Moreover, the manufacturers refer to it as a healthy manicure formula that that contains nail strengthening minerals like calcium among others. It is also not nailed selective such that it can be applied to any kind of nails without worrying about their structure or even length. The end results are a perfect finish that all your friends long to have.

How to Do SNS Nails at Home

How Can It Be Done At Home?

When it comes to doing SNS dipping powder nails at home or in the salon, the process is pretty simple. This means that you do not have to worry about possessing very advanced forms of technology to help you in the process. It involves the use of basic items with an easy to follow the procedure that is then followed by a perfect look. Due to the straightforward nature of the procedure involved, you do not have to spend a lot of money going to the salon to have it done to your nails. The money that you can use to visit the salon can as well be used to do other things that may be helpful to your family. What you first need is the ingredients and the equipment required to achieve a perfect SNS nail look defined by the nature of nail dipping system that you prefer. (more…)

Nail Supply Store Near Me

Over the last few years, revolutions have kicked into the nail supply industry. Currently, suppliers in this field of business have made the world a global village by obtaining products from all corners of the world. Essentially, the client’s needs have been satisfied in the best way possible. Nail supply store near me has been of great essence since the funs of nail beauty around this region do not struggle anymore. It is a venture that has helped create jobs and ease the daily struggle of the people on a busy work timetable.

nail art

Technological changes have been of great essence. The development of products that last longer, provide a more elegant look and care for the surrounding nail cuticles has been a great turn up of events. Currently, nail products have a great healing power due to the revolution in the field of medicine as well as well as skin care. With the use of the currently manufactured products, the users do not have to worry about their nails getting destroyed or even the surrounding skin being infected by various ailments like fungal and bacterial infections. Moreover, there has been intense training where technicians are developed to cater for such issues as beauty. Many of them have been certified by various institutions to make use of a variety of beauty products and technologies used in the process. Their way of work is highly professional characterized by vigilance, hospitality and ability to listen to the client’s needs. The services they provide are exceptionally amazing as is their way of addressing the clients.

The nail supply store near me has integrated the use of various technological advancements, modern innovations and highly trained technicians. Its success has apparently been linked to the three factors. From the outside, the store is strategically located in an accessible place. Being only less than a kilometre from the main road, it is a place that everyone can easily travel to by foot or even driving. The large billboard on the top of the building is very attractive with huge legible letters. Someone from as far as a kilometre can easily see what is written on the billboard. Additionally, there is a very ample parking space that can accommodate a large number of vehicles. The place is also very peaceful. The surrounding has several trees and its distance from the main road keeps the noise minimal. From the inside, you cannot even hear the noise produced by activities on the outside. Ventilations have also been highly considered with huge windows from which one can see a vast area. The technicians in this place are very professional and attentive. The store is divided into two. One part involves the area where customers can purchase nail products and the other part is the services room where client’s nails are taken care of. (more…)