How to Do SNS Nails at Home?

One of the newest forms of manicure involves the use of SNS nails. Everyone who loves manicure has that one friend who is always acquainted about the new trends in manicure. With such a friend, you always find a chance to get educated about the merits and demerits of each new trend that crops out. Of late, she has been talking about the SNS nails and how perfect they are. However, you first need to know what exactly SNS nails are before you even think about trying them.

What Are SNS Nails?

These abbreviations stand for signature nail system. SNS nails are mistaken for polish but it refers to powder rather than polish. It makes an exceptional manicure that unlike the usual kind of polishes, this one provides a perfect finish on the nails. This form of manicure has been gaining popularity all over the world and many people prefer it over many other methods. It is the choice of many people because of its easy application procedure that is followed by a durable, quality and long-lasting nail finish. The results are an elegant look that you can always boast about. It also does not easily chip from the nails and you can only be forced to remove when the regrowth invades the better part of the nails. Moreover, the manufacturers refer to it as a healthy manicure formula that that contains nail strengthening minerals like calcium among others. It is also not nailed selective such that it can be applied to any kind of nails without worrying about their structure or even length. The end results are a perfect finish that all your friends long to have.

How to Do SNS Nails at Home

How Can It Be Done At Home?

When it comes to doing SNS dipping powder nails at home or in the salon, the process is pretty simple. This means that you do not have to worry about possessing very advanced forms of technology to help you in the process. It involves the use of basic items with an easy to follow the procedure that is then followed by a perfect look. Due to the straightforward nature of the procedure involved, you do not have to spend a lot of money going to the salon to have it done to your nails. The money that you can use to visit the salon can as well be used to do other things that may be helpful to your family. What you first need is the ingredients and the equipment required to achieve a perfect SNS nail look defined by the nature of nail dipping system that you prefer.

The initial step involves buffing of the nails to remove all the unnecessary materials on the nail surface and leave them clean. Some of the unnecessary material may be remnants of the previous manicure as well as overgrowths. Buffing can be done through lightly filing the nails using a simple nail file. This process is then followed by the application of the base primer coat followed by the top one. You should then take the dipping powder and dip each finger into the pigment dip powder. This should be done carefully where each finger is dipped one by one until the desired coat is achieved. After dipping, it means that each of the nails that were dipped has two layers of powder coat. When this is done, the excess powder on the nails is removed by brushing it off. This leaves a painted top coat with the perfect look that you desired. You should note that this process does not involve drying under UV light since the applied layers dry instantly. However, you can add another design of gel on top of the brushed layer depending on your preference. However, this third layer will need to be dried under UV light. It is a common practice especially for those used to gel designs.


Both beginners and professionals can easily carry out the application procedure with ease. Regardless of the person who applies it, dip powders should not have similar smells with standard acrylics. However, there is that perfect last touch that you may not achieve when you apply it at home. Professionalism is highly required to get the most perfect results hence you should not be worried if you do not achieve the most perfect finish. You still have a chance to try the next time you look forward to using SNS nails.

Nail Supply Store Near Me

Over the last few years, revolutions have kicked into the nail supply industry. Currently, suppliers in this field of business have made the world a global village by obtaining products from all corners of the world. Essentially, the client’s needs have been satisfied in the best way possible. Nail supply store near me has been of great essence since the funs of nail beauty around this region do not struggle anymore. It is a venture that has helped create jobs and ease the daily struggle of the people on a busy work timetable.

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Technological changes have been of great essence. The development of products that last longer, provide a more elegant look and care for the surrounding nail cuticles has been a great turn up of events. Currently, nail products have a great healing power due to the revolution in the field of medicine as well as well as skin care. With the use of the currently manufactured products, the users do not have to worry about their nails getting destroyed or even the surrounding skin being infected by various ailments like fungal and bacterial infections. Moreover, there has been intense training where technicians are developed to cater for such issues as beauty. Many of them have been certified by various institutions to make use of a variety of beauty products and technologies used in the process. Their way of work is highly professional characterized by vigilance, hospitality and ability to listen to the client’s needs. The services they provide are exceptionally amazing as is their way of addressing the clients.

The nail supply store near me has integrated the use of various technological advancements, modern innovations and highly trained technicians. Its success has apparently been linked to the three factors. From the outside, the store is strategically located in an accessible place. Being only less than a kilometre from the main road, it is a place that everyone can easily travel to by foot or even driving. The large billboard on the top of the building is very attractive with huge legible letters. Someone from as far as a kilometre can easily see what is written on the billboard. Additionally, there is a very ample parking space that can accommodate a large number of vehicles. The place is also very peaceful. The surrounding has several trees and its distance from the main road keeps the noise minimal. From the inside, you cannot even hear the noise produced by activities on the outside. Ventilations have also been highly considered with huge windows from which one can see a vast area. The technicians in this place are very professional and attentive. The store is divided into two. One part involves the area where customers can purchase nail products and the other part is the services room where client’s nails are taken care of.

The store supplies various products. Categorized into various designs, colours, and prices and diverse other categorization mechanisms, clients are able to get what they need easily and conveniently. Making a choice when categories are broken down becomes easy. Moreover, the products come with the instructions for use to make it easy for the clients. The store also deals with LDS nails among others. The supply of these products to those who require them. This keeps the market operational by keeping the customers and attracting more. You do not have to be physically present in order to get their services. The store has a website that deals with selling products online. Clients can view the products available online according to the categories and choose what they want. After making their choice, the next step is creating an account and then placing an order which can then be shipped to the customer’s destination. The shipping service is very efficient and the products arrive within the least time possible.

Nails are an essential part of our body. If taken care of, they portray elegance and beauty more than we anticipated. The nail supply store near me has ensured that all the customer’s nail needs have been taken care of. The store ensures that it has brought the best types of nails and LDS nails products to the area from all the parts of the world. These products are then displayed for the customers to view and decide what they want. Orders can then be placed and physically bough or shipped to the customer’s premises.